Privacy Policy

I try to not gather any personal data on this website. Thus this website does use neither cookies nor any kind of analytics software. It does not include any third party assets (e.g. images, fonts, JavaScript) from other servers.

Depending on your definition there might be one exception:

Log Files

The webserver that runs this website, writes information about every access to the website into a so called "log file". This information is mainly used to ensure the operation of the website. In case of problems it can be used to find out how this particular situation came about.

Technically it is possible to gather statistical data from these log files, e.g. Number of page views, web browsers used etc. However, this possibility is not made use of.

To identify when separate visits that take place within the same time frame probably originated from the same device and to be able to troubleshoot networking problems, the log files do include IP addresses. Those are sometimes (rightfully) considered to be personal data. However, I would like to make it clear, that given the fact that this website has no login, comment or contact forms, I am not able to link those addresses to any actual person.

The log files are being stored for the duration of 14 days. After that they are being deleted automatically.