This is a small sample of projects I have worked on over the years:

Real-time E-Learning Game

A web based game for practicing exam questions. Players first need to enter questions of their own and then can answer the other player's questions. Games are being played in real time.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, WebSockets (faye), CoffeeScript, jQuery (additionally Spine.js and Ember.js were used during prototyping)

Web Frontend for Data analysis

A fronted to queue in recurring, complex queries and analysis via web. An editor allows the composition of complex queries. The time consuming queries are run in the background. The user is being informed when results are available.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Resque/Redis, MySQL, SAS

Photo Documentation via Smart Phone

A system consisting of a mobile and a web app that allows documenting the placement of advertising material. The mobile app supports driving to different locations within a tour and contains the tasks to be fulfilled at every location. The results need to be photographed. Photos are being uploaded automatically to the web app, where they can be observed and processed further.

Technologies: Android (JAVA), Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Redmine Plugins

Development of several plugins for redmine, a ruby on rails based project management platform.

Technologies: Redmine, Ruby on Rails

Communications Platform for Non-Profit

Maintenance and further development of an existing communications platform for a nation-wide non-profit. The platform facilitates the communication between numerous volunteer helpers and the project's coordinators.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, CoffeeScript, jQuery, RSpec

Customer interface for certification company

Replacing a time-consuming workflow (sendig excel documents back and forth via email, manual data entry) with a web based system. The system allows customers to enter their data either manually or by uploading an excel sheet. Data is entered directly into the production database of a custom analytics system.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Server

Management system for a training company

Tailor-made solution for highly specific business processes. This includes management of courses, communicating with trainers and participants, invoicing and a lot more.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript, jQuery, RSpec

Online Training for Paralegals

E-Learning system with online course material and web based exams.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Business Social Network

Classic social netzwork focused on business and career.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery